Hi!  I’m Alex, and I’m the guy behind Stock Stories.  I’m an individual investor who enjoys learning and sharing knowledge about how to invest wisely in businesses in the form of individual stocks.  My goal is simply to help individual investors make better decisions with their equity investments.

I’ll tell you straight up – I don’t work in the financial services industry (yet…?), I don’t have any financial certifications or degrees related to investing.  The only money that I manage is my own family’s, and I’ve only been making investing decisions personally for a few years now.

What I DO have is an intense desire to learn the WHY behind the performance of different businesses and stocks.  After consuming information through books, blogs, forums, etc. for years, I finally felt like I had something to share.  In addition to helping educate individual investors, I’m also hoping to level up my own mastery of the subject over a long period of time.

So, if you’re interested in stocks – check out an episode!  Leave me a comment on the website.  Or, you can email me directly at alex@stockstoriespodcast.com

Your Stock Storyteller,